Reliable Water Systems for Commercial and Industrial Use

Commercial and Industrial Hard Water Can Be Hard On Your Business.

When you’re running a business, it’s important to have the hard facts – hardness and minerals in water cost businesses millions of dollars annually in:

  • Maintenance.
  • Premature replacement of equipment.
  • Plumbing repairs.
  • Replacement of linens, towels and other laundry.

A wide variety of businesses, retail establishments and schools benefit from commercial water treatment solutions:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments
  • Hospitals
  • Health Clubs
  • Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Car Washes

With a water treatment system from Butler Water systems, you'll save on energy, plumbing repairs and general maintenance. You can extend the life of linens, fixtures and appliances, plus you can save on chemicals, detergents, coffee and other beverages made from concentrate. Your customers will also enjoy softer towels, cleaner glassware and better-tasting water, coffee and beverages. Plus, we will be available for your business’ water softener service needs.

Because every business uses water differently, an Butler Water Systems water specialist can assess your use and make recommendations.

With a commercial water softener and filter from EcoWater Systems, you will have the treated water you need, when you need it. The EcoWater exclusive regeneration process makes your water system more efficient. High-performance resin conditions your water with prime effectiveness. And our water purification systems are easy and economical to use, simple to service and maintain.

EcoWater's Commercial Series products offer the flexibility that is vital to meeting the specific usage requirements of your business, for today and tomorrow. Because every business uses water differently, an Butler Water Systems representative can assess your use and make recommendations.


Ecodyne Industrial offers a complete line of Multimedia filters starting at 12” up to 72”. These filters are offered in a single multiport valve design or valve nest design. Ecodyne Industrial multimedia filters are designed to remove turbidity down to 10 microns in size. Multimedia filters are also referred to as depth filters, because turbidity is removed throughout the bed, not just on the surface of the top layer. They are sized based on the required service flow rate. Ecodyne Industrial’s multimedia filters have a three-layer bed plus a quartz gravel support bed.

Butler Water Systems has serviced many industrial customers. Contact us today to find out which Ecodyne system would best suit your industrial needs.